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Given Name:


Race: Fox Incomplete


Hair/Eye Color: red hair golden eyes

Height: 5"8

Personality: Was a very sick fox pup. His mother decided to abandon him. Barely surviving on his own, he stumbled across Reuel the Innocent, a white demon who decided to turn him into a demon like creature, giving him a body and human features. He looks like a fox incomplete.

After the planes were separated by Diomedes, the two of them got separated, and Akari was left on his own. He got to a place where a few men used him as their slave for all kinds of things. Being innocent and unaware of anything else, he thought that's what should be and didn't resist. Ever since he was separated from Reuel, he was being sold from one person to another, serving each in the matter they needed, mostly sexual. After Champagne had bought him, he met Reuel.