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body ref

Age: 24

Age Stop: N

Race: 1/2 snow leopard 1/2 black panther

Gender: Male

Hair/Eye Color: Black and black


Height: 6"8



Occupation/Fighting style: After the drug his entire size changed and he grew from 6"2 to 6"8, however, he is walking hunched over due to a shift in his spine. After going through the withdrawal from the drug Defluer used on him, his entire left side is crippled, and while he can move it, the mobility was damaged, and he can only.move his arm to a certain extent. His left leg is able to keep him standing, but walking would very difficult and he'd have a limp for a very long time.

His thoughts and mind would return to him which would drive him even more crazy since he would want to do all the things he did before he was kidnapped, but won't be able to.