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Age: 442

Age Stop: Y

Race: Pure essence

Gender: Male

Hair/Eye Color: Blonde hair with red ends, purple eyes


Height: 6'3"


Andreas was created for Mella, Fatimas cousin who was a very, very ill child. Her father, (Fatimas uncle) Herodion, painted him for her to have a partner until she died, and used his magical powers to bring him to life with the sole purpose of being her companion and one love who will always be with her. He was loyal to her and her alone, and loved her with his entire existence since he was made solely for her.

It happened so Mella was eventually cured, and fell in love with another man, dismissing and getting rid of Andreas as she did not need him no more. Heartbroken and clueless, he left to travel the world to find another soulmate. After Mella died he felt a sort of emptiness within him, he had always tried to fill in but couldn't.

About one hundred years ago, he was found by Hathus who was looking for more sources of pure essence and became his companion for the time being. He is loyal and considers himself exclusively his, he serves Hathus with loyalty and pure belief that he is the replacement for Mella.

Gave himself a new name: Olympius