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Character Cast

Title First Last Note/Detail
Lady Immogene (Emma) Yoxalle Mother
Lord/Lady Dean (Deanna) Yoxalle Son
Lord Ralferty Solston Immogen’s employer
Lady Saffina Solston Lumber and HQ furniture
Lord/Knight Seyfried Bantev Retired knight due to injury
Bard Tomias Mienster Family money squandered


Immogene Yoxalle: (Given: Emma)

Born as peasantry she had a son by a man unknown to her, Dean. In order to pull them out of the poverty they were living in she worked odd jobs from a prostitute until she was hired into service of a lord and lady. Her education in practical things in the home evolved and she picked up on how to carry herself more as a woman and lady. Which brought her more attention from guests who were lords and ladies. This opened up a wide range of what kind of life she could have for herself and her son. Aspirations became darker and deviant to the point that Immogene murdered a lesser known nobles family member named Immogene Yoxalle and saw to the eventual deaths of the remainder of the Yoxalle family. Being one of the closest servants of the family she was given a decent sum of the estate after it was sold and split up among the city it resided in.

With the money Emma and Dean left the city under the false guise of being nobility. She had documentation from the deceased Immogene she passed off as her own papers and eventually had some more current ones drawn up for her son and herself, destroying the original documentation that showed her much younger than the deceased nobility she was posing as.

Throughout the years after Emma had assumed the identity of the lady Yoxalle. She and her son did not reside too long in one nobles hold, court or social setting too terribly long. She made sure to keep them moving onto the next bigger and better thing once they had acquired what benefited them most in their current time and place. She over the years posed herself and her son as social confidants that would bring gossip, word from other kingdoms, nobles and so on. Or she was advertising herself as a lady with great hosting skills, likable character and a hostess of the social setting who was traveled and cultured. Something anyone would like a fresh mind and eyes to bring to their estate.

The lady Emma and her sons current residence is now in the court of the Reins where she and he live in the provided housing for esteemed courtiers that do not have a direct lord or lady to serve.

Mother / Son have dirty blonde to dark brown hair.

Current day:

Often times Emma had to pass her son off as a daughter and not a son, something she had been doing with him since he was an infant. So he has grown up with an accepted mindset of being a woman, despite biologically being a man.

Deans respect for women is circumstantial. If he sees a woman that interests him, he goes for her company or to make love to her without question. As of recent Dean had sexually assaulted and raped a lord and ladies daughter who ended up conceiving from the attack.

Because of this incident and them not being able to with certain identify her son, or before they could. She had him make a seemingly obvious departure on business issued by her and return dressed and under the presumed guise of a woman who was a distant cousin to Dean and returned as Deanna.

However his return as Deanna did not stop his habits and actions. Because after the return three other women were attacked, raped and conceived children from the assaults. The details regarding each assault were taken and made note of. However Dean had covered his tracks well enough that there was nothing solid and certain could be said who did it and when. The women made a claim of a man, but that man did not exist to be found.

Rape Victims and bastards:

Lady Alice Delanya (First victim to confess)


Lady Harper Earl  (Second victim to confess)


Lady Goldaria Grance (First victim two months late in confessing)


Lady Esther Hannishford (Final confessing victim)


Coming into the court as the multicultural and traveled woman Emma tended to, she also lent herself to being hired on by lord Ralferty Solston as a lady social confidant and eventually mistress to the lord Solston. The lord Solstons wife is unaware of the relationship her husband is having behind her back with the lady Immogen.

Seyfried Bantev

A former decorated and socially revered knight. He became crippled in a conflict during his service to his lord which left him crippled in his left leg and unable to continue his service as a knight to his lord. Because of that he was forced to retire.

The injury left him depressed, his pride wounded and the mental handicap that he could never reclaim his honor, glory and fame he once exercised as a renown knight. Ever since then he has been stewing in his loss and the anger, depression and resentment of himself and his injury’s handicap placed upon him. He eventually did fade from social standing and glory due to the injury. However he has attempted relevance on more than one occasion.

Due to the depression and limitations of his injury he became a gambler and interested in more socially unacceptable forms of entertainment and types of people. He began being a part of dark and cult-like organizations set up throughout various lords and ladies which harbored the beliefs and practice of occult and the darker arts.

Tomais Meinster

He came from a middle class merchant family who had modest wealth and success in its business. However around the time when Tomias was coming into adulthood, his family suffered misfortune in various forms. Family members died of natural, unnatural and unusual circumstances over a period of years until Tomias was the only Meinster left alive.

Naturally speculation followed the young musically talented man who had aspirations of a music related future. Those in the city he had grown up in cast heavy doubt on the young bard as the mastermind who, also known to be good at various strategy games, over a period of time rendered himself the only Meinster left alive in order to fully claim the estate and wealth of the Meinster family.

Following the final family member's death he sold every last heirloom, animal, piece of furniture and anything else associated with his family's name and acquired fortune. He had ultimately chosen to sell everything and run away with the coin.

Again others speculated he intended to find somewhere new the Mienster family had no name or he had no potential reputation as a presumed murderer of the Mienster family. As far as they were concerned, there was nothing more than the young Tomias Meinster and a fat pocket.

Tomais heard about the development of the lands the Reins had established control and territory of. At the time of his hearing they were only just beginning Ottomus’s raising. By the time he arrived in the city and found a foot in the door to the courtiers and the ability to associate with them, the city was flourishing and merchants were flocking to it readily. The fact that the city was free in comparison to many that Tomais had wandered through was an ease for the young man who eventually upon arrival established rent in a small studio room above one of the many local pubs and squandering away his coin until he had very little left.

He had come with the hopes of establishing a friendship with any of the Reins, crafting an epic story and setting it to song to sing of the great deeds of the Reins, their children and companions. Yet oddly to his dismay the Reins were not like any other nobility he had come across. Their accomplishments, what they had done for the people and their own family was kept so neatly put away that there was only hushed discussions of conversations. Nothing confirmed, nothing denied. So he had next to nothing to work with and gaining the favor, attention or even so much as an audience with a Rein which had age and whispered deeds—impossible for him. No one would give him the time of day.

And so for that he began to squander and squander his coin into women and drink. His annoyance and irritation with the Reins grew day by day.

Murder Scenario and Story

During one of Tomais’s drunken nights at a pub he picks who he presumes is a woman, is actually Dean, and brings them back to their housing in the Rein fortress. With every intention of bedding said woman Tomais goes to start undressing ‘her’ and once mostly undressed realizes it's a man dressed as a woman. Not interested or attracted to men he freaks out and in a drunken fueled rage starts to attack Dean. Promising to tell everyone who they actually are and what they do to unsuspecting me.

Unable to risk being found out that they are actually Dean, the son of Yoxalle and risk being brought to justice for assault, rapes and unwanted impregnations, Dean acts drastically and murders Tomais in his room leaving a blood bath of rage and anger in how dismembered, gory and bloody the scene is. Much of Tomais’s body is defiled, his genitals are mutilated and his face beaten to a point that he is nearly unrecognizable.

Due to the gruesome murder and patrons of the pub having actually seen Tomais leave with Dean, he and his mother have to cover his tracks and make sure their secret is kept safe.

In an effort to cover her son's mistakes and sloppy clean up, Immogene resorts to confiding in Seyfried and finds out that he is a part of a darker more hidden society who could potentially help frame someone else for her son's mistakes.

Immogene decides that she will frame the women her son had raped. In one fell swoop she could pin the blame of rape on Tomais with the right help and evidence placed, as well as send the women to the dungeons or even death for conspiring and working together to murder a man in such evil and malicious acts. It would be easy to sell because they would all be so angry and upset at having been raped and baring the child of the rape. So it would be easy to convince people that the girls, despite being sweet, petite and elegant women, came together and ganged up on the lone man who did this to them—despite their earlier reports claiming they never knew precisely who and did not have exact identifiers. And used that form of denial as a means to later come together and murder him.