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Age: 306 (Time actually awake for: 29)

Age Stop: Y

Race: Elezen Shifter - Unicorn

Gender: Female

Hair/Eye Color: Corn silk blond curly/wavy | Golden

Height: 6'0"

Personality: Intellectual, witty, quippy, dominant, sensual

Occupation/Fighting style: Wife of Ruslan Rein.


Ayana is the last remaining Unicorn of the Elezen shifter bloodline. It was her duty and burden to accept a magic with the capacity to be weaponized should it be bottled into one single thing or device and used against mankind.

To prevent a catastrophe she offered up herself as a vessel to house all of this magic within. In order to see to the magic distributed safely and used in only for the good of mankind she slumbered for a total of three hundred years. Every hundred years waking to give a third of the magics whole to three valiant causes over time. The last cause being to imbue obelisks in the Panthera castle to protect the Rein family from the witch of the Sea, Iva's aunt.