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Age: 22


Race: Half allfather shifter - half fennec (shifts to a horse)

Relations: Son of Moric. Older brother to Cherrish. Was born a fennec incomplete.

Gender: Male

Hair/Eye Color: (Was born blonde with hazel eyes, and that changed when he was six and his father begun experimenting with him) Brown and white hair and beard, one eye pink, one ice blue

Height: 6'0"


Occupation/Fighting style: Ayu was born in Serenity, his father, Moric was one of the scientists who made the creations of Serenity. Ayu was born a fennec incomplete, but his father decided to put him under the same experiments and mess with his DNA to turn him into a shifter of sorts. Ayu had gone through many experiments, torture and scientific modifications which caused his body to change in many different ways.

He had grown to hate his father f. In the time he lived in Serenity, he was working along with the scientists as their assistant, and treated to many of the shifters. He escaped Serenity when he was 19 and since then been living on the streets. Until he heard of a town that was growing around a certain fortress, and decided to make his way there to try and do better in life.

After leaving Serenity he covered his body with tattoos to hide all the scars that were created due to what his father did to him.