Birds of Prey

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Origin of Creation

Birds of Prey are a race created by the Sky Father. Created in large eggs atop the highest mountains of the world did they begin their lives.

A race built with legs of a bird, limbs adorned with feathers and the ability for flight, clawed talons for hands and human-like facial features. A proud race of hunters that soared the skies and dominated the forested lands they hunted.


During the time of the war between god and man. Much like all of the races around the world they suffered heavy losses from the fights between man and god. The birds of Prey were no different and their numbers diminished so dramatically that there were few to little Elders, original creations made by the Sky Father himself. Due to dwindling numbers and the lack of surviving birds of Prey, the surviving elders elected to look outside of their people for continuation of their species.

With a decision made, one that was very heavy and on the verge of shameful for the elders, they bred with other races in order to continue some semblance of the birds of prey clans that had managed to survive. Now the population that has reclaimed its numbers, albeit still small, are not the purebred proud race they once were. But are now instead a watered down and populace of incompletes. Less are born with the full birds of prey signature features, talon adorned feet, claws and wings at the arms rather than fashioned at the backside. The proud and prideful look that now only a few surviving elders might be a reminder to the past.


Birds of Prey are a proud people that have a entire culture built around the hunt. Hunting ones prey is considered a sport, a passage and right in certain points in a birds life, as well as a necessity to survive.

Along with a bird of prey's necessities come stages in their life where upon reaching a certain age they are sent out into the forests on their own with training they have collected up until that point. They are to survive a period in time alone in the forest and hopefully return with a kill of their own. Not all birds of prey at their youthful induction to society return with a kill, but many do.

Religious Practice

During the time of the elders of the birds of prey. They would hunt and give tribute to their Sky Father and creator. A hunt was organized and its designation as religious in it being for the Sky Father and nothing nor anyone else was the hunt and its spoils to go to. Long since has that tradition died away with much of the elders which perished during the wars.

A time after the age of the elders practices, their tribute and shift in beliefs dwindled or were not exercised in the same veracity as in the past. It became a dilution of the incomplete birds of prey born which gave rise to this skepticism or out right hate of the gods all together. Some clans do still exercise their tributes to the Sky Father, however the majority do not. Or if one does it is not done openly so that the clan is aware of such supply and effort going to someone or something that may very well not exist, despite the claims and stories of the elders.

However one part of the birds of prey culture that has not died is the awareness and honoring of the shades of the forest and its animals. Spirits or entities entrusted in guarding the sacred lives of those that reside in the forests.

The Shades

  • Shade of innocents (animals newly born and not yet matured)
  • Shade of the Hunt
  • Shade of the Forest