Black Miam

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The black Miam is led by several figureheads. The main being Trevant De'Fleur, serving under him are his five lieutenants who have their empire spread out across the lands within miles of their operating facility in the Miam mines, a place long since abandoned long ago during the war of god and man. With it having gone abandoned for so long and nature reclaiming the medium sized mining town that used to prosper long ago, it made for a perfect place to have the production and testing of various drugs that served a variety of purposes depending on the demographic it was all crafted for.

Drugs sold by Black Miam

A drug that gives the user the feeling of unconditional love, affection and warmth. Similar to what one gets from a loved one or a lover but far greater and far more intoxicating than the real thing can ever be. The more the drug is used, the more prominent halo rings appear lifting up the skin. They glow when the drug is in use by the user and eventually the body contorts and becomes misshapen as the halo disfigures the user over time.

  • Angels Bliss

The drug acts as enhancement namely for women. It gives them an angelic glow and allure which makes them far more attractive and inviting to those who would otherwise not seek out the individual. It acts much like pheromones' an animal or shifter in heat would naturally produce, however it is far more potent and very much can result in the death of the user if the drug is consumed in consecutive doses one after the other.

  • Bane's Might

This drug offers the user a brief period of strength and slight numbing of the entire body. The endurance of pain sustained is lessened and the users core strength which is usually weaker and obviously less effective is increased for the duration of the drug. It is a very addictive drug and its users tend to fall into constant use of it over time. The drug itself does not have a high risk of death like some of Miams others, however with the increased use of Bane's Might the user becomes more violent and has violent tendencies which in turn places the user in high risk situations that will eventually result in the users death.

  • Horn

A sex enhancing drug for men that creates a stiffer, longer and larger sex member that allows them to perform longer or remedies the lack of ability to perform. It has a small chance of also creating the production of a mans seed where he has none.

  • Sense

This drug provides its user with enhanced senses in the form of elevated sight, sound, touch and taste. The duration of this drug is a long lasting one that does wear off over time. But the sensations take abuse with each use. Which brings the user back for the drug in order to have adequate sight, sound, touch and taste. It comes to point that the user consumes the drug so much or just enough that the natural ability to hear properly, touch, taste and see are crippled and without it they would be rendered def and blind----essentially unable to take care of themselves.

Black Miam Leaders

Trevant De'Fleur