Briar Velamen

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A location shrouded in constant thick misty, damp and dark atmosphere infested with thorny plants, briar bushes being a dominant eye sore to the locals.

Lord Mikkrikh resides over these lands. His family has overseen it for thousands of years.

The Briar Velamen lands are renown for the quarrying stone that forms naturally in that region and nowhere else in the world. The Entitatem Saxum, entity stone, has the natural properties in it which permit it the strength to withhold entities of various kinds within its stone which is traditionally fashioned into buildings to imprison questionable entities of many kinds.

A holding cell or building is crafted with the entitatem saxum and then the respective runes or inscriptions are carved into the stone to finish the structures ability to withhold the entities within.

Regional History

Since the time of the war of man and gods a type of lore has come, gone and yet lingers in the Briar Velamen lands. It is said that dryads made the briar infested lands their homes. Prior to the war of god and man, the infestation of briars had not been such an infliction but rather simply another plant common in the area. However after the war of god and man, the already partially gloomy lands grew darker, the mists and fogs thicker, the dampness more prominent and the plague of briars far more dominant. Something in the land had altered during the war of god and man, but what it was precisely was among debate. Becoming lore, speculation and anything but confirmation as to what or who was to blame for the lands once rich, green and vibrant with nature and spotty mist, fog and dampness now resembled a cemetery of briar overgrowths, damp streets that never saw a dry moment and skies that seemed to never allow much sunlight through.

The sightings of dryads tapered off more and more every year after the war of god and man. Nowadays there are no sightings of dryads and it is speculated that they had abandoned their own homelands, or simply retreated so far back into the thorny bramble walls which one was forced to run into in the forests around Briar Velamen. It is assumed the population of dryads are hidden away behind the briar bramble walls. But no man has made the foolish or ambitions efforts in order to break through such formidable creations of nature to see if indeed the culture exists in seclusion.