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Age: 30

Age Stop:

Race: Lion incomplete


Gender: Male

Hair/Eye Color: brown hair, green eyes

Height: 6'2"


Born to the queen of Leseria, Liliana, (father Belandru) he was the proof that she cheated on her king, and soon, the reason why the king of Leseria decided to murder her. However, the king kept him in the castle out of guilt for killing his mother. He was always kept away from his two brothers. Always given all the worst things. Kept away in a tiny basement when his siblings recieved all the goods and perks of royal life. His siblings grew to hate him, blaming him for the death of their mother. He was tortured, bullied abuses and beaten at every chance by them, until when he was eighteen, he decided to escape home and live on his own. Since then he was traveling around, using his cunningness and charm to work through life. He became a con man, and earned money by conning many rich and high standard men, and then disappearing. Brothers names :Eren, Hannes and Ceros