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Race: Incomplete Fennec Fox | Human

Gender: Female

Hair/Eye Color: Pale blonde | Blue Gray

Height: 5'7"


Commission fennec fox girl by domyzu de9cktr-fullview.jpg


Cherrish's father (Moric) and mother (Paola) had her in the inner. They are both presumed full blooded humans. One of the parents (unknown to either of them who, but it is the father who has shifter blood in them) is a fennec fox shifter. Her elder brother is Ayu, unknown to her that she had any siblings older than herself.

When Cherrish was born the wife immediately got rid of the infant and told her husband to make sure it either died or was taken out of the inner so that their shame and secret would not be found. However the father only made his wife believe he had done such. Instead he kept the child and at first it was out of guilt, fear, shame and horror for having made what he and his wife had created. However as time went on he began to forge a coping of the creature and instead decided to keep her for his personal pleasures and needs. Raising her to be unawares that she was his daughter.

She matured at the early age of nine or so. A years time after her first bleed she became with child of her father. During that time was her realization that he was not going to keep her around after such a development. It was becoming too dangerous to keep her around for his pleasures and wants. Knowing he was to be rid of her in a way that meant not another breath after she made her escape during the escort her captor and father had taken her on out to the outer to kill her and leave her for the outer to deal with. Another dead incomplete on the streets was hardly something out of the ordinary. However it was during his underestimation of her will to live and cleverness that she escaped into the outer, past its limits and out into the large network of forests around the Rein territories.

A year after her escape she gave birth to Winter, Storm and Rain.

Cherrish met Maddox when she was thirteen and has been with him since.