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Age: 14

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Race: Wolf Incomplete


Gender: Male


Hair/Eye Color: White hair, golden eyes, Wolf incomplete with wolf ears and fluffy wolf tail.


Height: 6"0 when fully grown


Occupation/Fighting style:

Was born in the Desiderium after his parents lived there for about ten years. They lived in poverty as all of Desiderium residents, and during the time they've lived there, his mother died from disease. It wasn't even a month after that him and his father were accepted into the exeterus. Desmond was ten the. For the next few years his father worked up the chain of command and managed to be an important person in the exterus, unfortunately, he was at the wrong place in the wrong time, and found out some truths about Apala and Issus that he wasnt supposed to hear. In fear hed take out the information to the people living in the exterus and Desiderium, his father was killed by one of the higher ups in the Exeterus. They staged the kill so itd look as if someone from the Desiderium killed him to get closer to the Issus, evantualy blaming it on Zahir.