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Race: Demigod created by Amadeus

Gender: Male

Hair/Eye Color: Blonde | Golden

Height: 7'5"


Erebos the Corona was crafted from a solar flare of the planetary fixture itself. The Sun God Amadeus created the defender of all life with a single directive, to protect and guard all life. To guard all life he was tasked with defending the suns divine light. When Amadeus disappeared to answer Ottokar's call to arms against the gods who wished for a segregated world, he was left locked away in the holy sun mountains temple where he entrusted Erebos to forever guard the divine light which was hidden in Erebos's being.

At the same time of Erebos's intentional creation was subsequently the in tandem creation of Atlas the Eclipse. When the false gods of the sun and moon came together and made the eclipse, Atlas. So did Amadeus craft Erebos in the same instance.

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