Father of the Dead

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  • Satoshi
  • Height: 6'9"
  • Gender: Male

Oriental themed/ethnical. Long black hair with a long facial beard thin and sharp. Hair done up in a traditonal royal hair style. Olive green eyes.

There was once a single father of creation. This father acted as both giver of life and the one who also took it. As it brought him great strain and sorrow to make and give beautiful life he could not handle such a burden. He split himself into two beings. The Ethereal father and the Father of Death/of the Dead.

The Father of Death was then sent to live a life among the mortals the Ethereal father created and curated. His immortal life and task never ending despite the creations on the planet having come close to obliterating every single one of them.

Now he walks among the living taking on his burden of redacting life and escorting his brothers living creations to their place in the river of souls until a soul is taken by his brother and given a new life.