God of Shadows

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Fray is the god of Shadows who has dominion and is the creator of the worlds original and most ancient demons. He is also accredited to the darker creations and creatures of the world, that darker side of the light is who and what he balances out. Making sure there is just enough ugly, dark, twisted and depravity in the world.

The god of Shadows often takes servants and subjects who opt to serve him. One of his most prominent being Hadrian Moon. Hadrian is often dispatched to collect the souls of demons who have yet to make their respective payouts to Fray. With each deal and arrangement made with a demon to their lord of shadows they agree to provide him with a percentage of what they covet in the world. In some demons cases they harvest souls, others it is life force and so on and so forth. With each tribute changing depending on the demon.


Fray stands six feet and six inches tall. His weaponry of choice is a massive great sword.