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Gender: Male

Hair/Eye Color: Shape shifter, ref pic is true form he hardly ever uses. White hair red eyes, tinted skin

Height: true form - 5"8

Shifted 6"7



Demigod of Chaos.

Created by the God of Fate, Harmonysos was created by a whim of Namurot. As a young God, Namurot toyed with the idea of Fate, and how it is always a 50/50. As he became reckless with his own Fate intervining and messing with his own fate, and it started turning into chaos and disorder.

As things started to turn chaotic, in order to keep himself sane, Narumot stripped that part from himself, and created Harmonysos, the barer of chaos and disorder itself.

Harmonysos is only some part God, thus he is seen as a Demi. He likes when things are a complete and entire mess, and likes to organize this mess on his own. He is acting up a lot, since it's in his blood and the essence of his life.

He is a shape shifter, and can turn himself into everyone he wants, this creating more havoc and chaos for these beings.

The marks on his skin, and the mouths are a mess up that occurred during his creation, showing exactly the chaos he represents

Fathered a love child with Gale, named: Angel