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A beautiful location with buildings tall, white and edged in gold. The heart of Issus, called the centrum, is adorned with nothing short of lavish, richest beauties that can be found across the lands. Surrounding the centrum of Issus is the exterus. The exterus is everything the centrum isn't. Lower quality of life in comparison. The designs of structures both business and residential vary to such a degree that there is not simply one architectural influence but a melting pot of style from all corners of the world.

The Three Rings of Issus

Centrum - Elect/Electi center of the city where all of the rich live

Exterus - Those lucky enough to gain entry into Issus after conforming to their way of life

Desiderium - The slums that wrap around the walls of the Exterus where those wishing to gain entry must wait and hope they are selected.


Leading the city of Issus is the lord and lady Narcillus. By their decision alone can someone from the exterus be inducted into the centrum.

Entry to Issus

For one to obtain entry to Issus is not as simple as walking through the gates of the exterus. Bordering the exterus is the desiderium which resembles a refugee camp or a sea of tents, makeshift homes and establishments. Those residing in the desiderium are the souls wanting, wishing and willing to conform to the conditions for entry into the exterus of Issus.

To successfully obtain entrance into the exterus of Issus. One has to willingly submit to Issu's single exchange for passage. An applicant must accept a tattoo of a circle which is filled halfway, marking them as an approved exterus resident.

Should an exterus be inducted into the centrum, the rest of the tattoo is filled in with its metallic gold ink sourced exclusively from Chrysos. The enchantment which prohibits an exterus from having children is then stripped to allow the new blood into the electus genetic pool.

The purpose of the tattoo is the enchantment infused into the golden metal ink from Chrysos is to stop the residents of exterus to reproduce and have offspring. Only the centrum are allowed to have children. It is every exterus's dream to make it into the centrum, wed and have a family of their own. The state of the world as it is however makes it difficult to have a family, survive and not struggle. Which makes the city of Issus a dream option to many people. With the small sacrifice to never have children they willingly accept the mark in order to get in and live a life of safety, ease and promise.

When one is accepted into the centrum they are then referred to as an electus of the centrum. Where as the centrum as a whole are the Electi. One of the mysteries and intrigues of the electi is once one is inducted into the Electus. Their youth ceases to degrade. A secret the Electus quite literally take to the grave.