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Iva before 1st death

Age: 27

Age Stop: N

Race: Shifter - Mermaid

Gender: Female

Hair/Eye Color: Strawberry Blonde | Sky Blue

Height: 5'4"

Personality: Respectful, kind, sweet, caring, intellectual

Occupation/Fighting style: Dante's 1st Wife

=== Died during child birth to Tatiana ===

Physically and by actual events Iva did die during childbirth to Tatiana. ---As of developments now 4/29/21-- That death occurred five years ago.

Iva Revived - Current State

Due to pure chance and the dark interests of lord Renato, as well as his direct abilities and darker interests being a gift of the god of the dead/death/souls, her soul was plucked from the river of souls and dropped into a youth of thirteen who was on the verge of death. As the youth that had inhabited the body Iva now resides in, that soul left the body and was replaced by Iva's.

Iva did die and did pass on. However at the moment of passing and residing in the river of the dead for as long as she did it left her in a kind of purgatory and upon being reconnected with someone of importance from her former life she is in a state of confusion, understanding and rediscovery of herself and what all happened five years ago.

Iva Final State:

After having been revived in an unnatural manner. Her soul began to fray as it had not been allowed to go to rest as was needed of a soul which had lived, then died. It was supposed to be able to return to the soul river in order to recover and become a soul ready to be given a new chance in life. However when she was plucked from the soul river prematurely and placed into the world of the living again it shook her soul's stability and eventually the life she had began to grow dim and distant.

Granted by Satoshi her soul was instead placed in Dante's samurai sword gifted to him by Satoshi. Iva's soul now has become the blade of his katana, a blue-pink and purple aura which hums around the blade itself, becoming it. Her being and figure are visable to Dante, Satoshi, Kiyomi and Junpei.

Age: 14

Age Stop: N

Race: Incomplete - Mermaid

Gender: Female

Hair/Eye Color: Strawberry Blonde | Sky Blue

Height: 5'4"

Personality: Uknown/redeveloping

Occupation/Fighting style: Lord Ranato's 'wife'