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Age: 114

Age Stop:

Race:Black eagle Bird of Prey //

Gender: Male

Hair/Eye Color: Black blue hair, pitch black eyes

Height: 6"5

Personality:Thrill seeking in a somewhat obsessive way, sarcastic, pushing people away,

Occupation/Fighting style: One of the best hunters at the Birds of Prey community.

He is well known for going for preys a few times bigger and stronger than him.

As a teenager, Karasu didn't mind so much for the Birds of Prey culture, and in one of his hunting attempts, was about to kill a baby doe. The Shade of the Birds' Hunt showed up and warned him from not breaking their rules and respecting all the creations, and urged him to.give the little doe a chance to live, but being the reckless, egoistic teenager he was, he didn't mind too much for its words and killed the doe nonetheless.

as a punishment the Shade of the Hunt put him under a curse in which he won't be able to creator such innocence as the one he had taken away.

Not minding too much for their culture and the words of the Shade, Karasu didn't take those words as anything serious. A few years later, after being set up with the daughter of their Clan's leader, and falling in love with her, she was taken away from him after he had left his seed in her on the night of their wedding.

Even after that he refused to believe the curse actually existed and worked, so he continued on, with three more attempts at having a wife and a day, but all ended in the same manner.

When he was started to develop feelings for the woman, he'd feel excruciating pain in his body, and if they'd be intimate with each other, the woman died only hours later.

After four attempts, and losing four women; Elana, Tora, Aoi and Solovei, he decided to stop his attempt.

Ever since the death of Solovei, he pushed away anyone who'd try to be in contact with him, and turned to be somewhat addicted to the thrill of the Hunt.