Kingdom of Mihemlighet

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Mihemlighet Ages


The kingdom of Mihemlighet was established during the early years of the world being populated and created. During the war of gods and man it took a heavy hit as did many other kingdoms, much of which did not survive in any capacity to have a line to continue the kingdom itself. However Mihemlighet was one of the few. After the war of gods and man their kingdom began to rebuild and with a single survivor of the family line, a prince, Mihemlighet was able to begin its very slow climb back into being a kingdom in every sense of the name.

It has taken Mihemlighet hundreds of years after the war to bring itself into the current age and have its economy, people and royal line fully reestablished and on its way into an age of growth and desired prosperity. Mihemlighet has kept itself out of the public eye, as far as outside kingdoms, lords, war lords and so on having an interest in the recovering kingdom. In comparison to the elezen empire of the Precious Lands, Mihemlighet is an infant child in the size of the kingdom itself, the population, its resources and overall value. As the kingdom stands to this day it is and has nothing to offer anyone that would make them have advantage in being married into the royal family or wanting the royal family married into a neighboring lord or kings own. They are self sustaining and have yet to have made anything in their name to be a claim to bring the name of Mihemlighet to the lips of merchants, travelers, kings, queens and lords in the surrounding areas.