Kirin Shima

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An island more or less isolated from the world. Traders that pass by its shores do cross into it for various reasons such as trade, the tourist attractions of the Jade Fights and its fighters, the famous entertainment and lavish company one can acquire for a price.

The city within Kirin Shima is called Hisui.


The Kirin Shima is ruled by king Yoshimitsu who has two daughters, princess Maiko and the youngest princess Anka.

The princesses have two personal guards, Askar and Oji , who served their mother early on until her very sudden death some years after the birth of Maiko.

Jade Warriors

Jade Warriors are traditionally enormous fighters. Though in the beginning they were average men, and but very rarely, women adorned with the jade and pitted to fight to the death. The winner earning their freedom, if they survived the match.

A tritonal way the people of Hisui practiced management of wrong doings, criminals and prisoners of war was to submit them into becoming the Jade Fighters or Warriors. A person is given jade dermal implants that they sport on their wrists, neck and ankles. This then permits the individual to utilize the Jade to transform into the Jade Warriors or fighters.

After the war of gods and man, the Jade Warrior fights adapted to there being less survivors in which to use this system as a means of settling crimes and prisoners of war etc. So in response to the war taking enormous amounts of every race on the planet with it, trainers began purchasing slaves who were brought into Hisui. A market for buying people obtained from outside of the Hisui borders began to take root. It is now a normal custom for the people of Kirin Shima to seek income by venturing out into the world and selecting races and types of people, both men and women, who fit the culture, taste and various needs of the people of Hisui.

Not all that are captured and brought into Kirin Shima are sold with the intentions of them becoming Jade Warriors. Some are purchased for the brothels, servant work and other occupations that Hisui residents do not willingly wish to do.

In Hisui the place that fighters are taken, trained and kept are called toreningu antei (training stables).