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Age: 18

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Race: Jaguar shifter

Gender: Male

Hair/Eye Color: Blonde and black hair, dark blue eyes. Has leopard spots from his neck and down his arm when human.

Height: 6"2


Occupation/Fighting style: was taken away from his parents as a cub. Never knew he could shift to human. Was fighting alongside a human as his assult animal. The relationship he had with that human was something he cherished dearly, as he had raised him since he was a cub, and the human was a teenager. After a difficult fight, his human, named Marro, died, and Koba was left with a severe injury to his leg. Ever since Marro died, Koba was acting up, not listening to orders from anyone but him. His leg didn't heal properly, which caused him to limp, and he is seen as more of a burden then help