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Age: 294

Race: Wizard // Abex shifter. Brother to Hathis, Fatimas father.


Hair/Eye Color: Silver( was black when was younger) and hazel eyes


Height: 6"1


Massimo was also a wizard much like his brother. He found a way to manipulate essence in a manner that it would create life. After having lost his son, he painted Andreas in the image of his own son to cope with his loss. But when their third brother asked for Andreas to be the pair of his daughter, Massimo gave him up for her sake.

When Hathis' wife passed away after giving birth to Fatima, Hathis requested Massimo to paint him a woman that would replace her for Fatima. Unfortunately, the creation was less competent than Andreas since he didn't put his heart and soul to the creation, and the woman was not very human. One day when she flew out, she was spotted by the inner and shot down at spot.