Nestor Pendragon

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Age: 96


Age Stop:


Race: Snow leopard shifter | Igneel fire Miraris father dragon champion|

Gender: Male


Hair/Eye Color: Golden eyes, red hair.

Height: 6"2



Occupation/Fighting style: fights with dual blades.

Nestor was trained in fight and wielding the dual blades by his parents who were both hired assasins. By the age of 18, he was a very well trained assasin himself, wielding the dual blades given to him by his father.

Finding out what he was doing for living, the villagers of the town he lived in decided to burn down his house with him in it. As he was choking, trying to catch his last breath. Igneel, the fire dragon appeared before him and offered him a deal. He is to serve him as his champion, in return for the dragon saving his life. Nestor agreed, and survived, afterwards leaving to live in the inner.

A few years passed and the dragon didn't show himself. Nestor met and married Miraris mother, Mirian They had Maura, her older sister,M and when her mother was pregnant with Mirari, he was called out to duty by the dragon and simply left.

He did not tell Miraris mother of his pact with the dragon when they met, since he thought it was nothing but his imagination. When he left, he left a letter behind him examining the situation. Though, upon returning years later, he found out both his daughter and his wife died, so he figured Mirari didn't survive either.

Since then he has been traveling and following the orders and quests of Igneel, the fire dragon, and completing missions given to him by those who hired him as an assassin.