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Mirari met Otto when she was 10 and he was 13. They got together when she was 20 and he was 23. They had the first litter at 21 and 24. The second litter 3 to 4 years after (Mirari: 24/25 Otto: 27/28).

(Unga Bunga)

Age: 52

Age Stop: Y

Race: Shifter

Gender: Male

Hair/Eye Color: Black/Golden and blue green

Height:7"2 after ethereal father's gift

Personality: Unga Bunga

Occupation/Fighting style: Expert in hand to hand combat


Otto was born and raised in the inner ring. His mother and father were very proud parents, until one night when he was thirteen, he woke up from the screaming voice of his mother. He shifted in his sleep for the first time in his life. Confused and scared, he was taken in the dark if the night and left in the outer, without so much as an explanation. He was roaming the streets for several weeks, until a stable owner, Ricardo, found him and taken him in. He had forced him to fight from the moment he stepped foot in his stables.

Arena 2.0 Drug update:

Otto is being infused with a special mixture of an enhancement. This mixture has a dense and high concertation of Priani essence in it.

In the beginning its effect on Otto was very high fever, and muscle and joint pain, as his body was struggling with the drug.

After about two months, those side effects suddenly disappeared. He has had a few days of feeling amazing and well, especially with Arabella around. Though, after a short time he had started to see a shadowy feature in the form of himself in his dreams. In the beginning, after the first few fights, the figure would not do much, but Otto would feel its stalking and disturbing presence. It slowly starts giving him sleepless nights as he is afraid to fall asleep in fear he'd see that shadow again. The shadow was telling and showing him creepy and unsettling things about his family. At some point, after a few years of having seen the shadow in his dreams, it starts to show up in reality, Otto thinks it is another dream, and harms himself severely in order to wake up.

After having done that the family starts thinking there is something severely wrong with Otto.

He keeps telling them he sees a shadow figure that keeps on telling him bad things and tries to convey him to act in malice, and that he fights it as much as he can, but nobody believes him. Sebilla in particular is terrified of her father that has that terrible evil aura about him. She is so scared of him she doesnt go near him nor lets him touch her, a thing that makes him even more disoriented.

He decides that he is in fact losing his mind after all the stress hes been through, and isolates himself. That is when Sebilla would say that she sees the shadow aura about him, when they understand that he hasnt lost his ind, but rather is just in a lot of trouble.

As the years go by, the shadow creature tries to disorient and confuse otto more and more, throughout the years of the arena

After the win of arena 2.0, the priani creature alter ego inside of him altered and turned to his companion, was given the name Noxo by Sebilla