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Prima - First Animo - Mind "The First Mind"

Prianimo's live in Ottokarn.

Prianimo's are an intellectual race that was among many 'first' races/peoples created by the Ethereal Father in the beginning. Their unique physiology allows them to 'reconfigure', as they refer to it, their biological makeup. Essentially erasing their past variation for a new 'build' to suit their need. Prianimo are limited to how many times they can reconfigure before the being's mind/mental state begins to deteriorate and the being as a whole is not physically able to be 'reborn' in a way. The body can only take so much change.

Changes in a reconfigure can be anything and or everything about the person. From height, skin tone, hair color, eyes, muscle mass and or strength. Skills and knowledge are also 'installed' into the Animo's existence. Due to an Animo reconfiguring it often compromised the 'personality' of an individual and over time the Animo and the personality they developed during a reconfigure existed for the duration that that reconfigure was used. Upon a fresh reconfigure that personality vanished and they started anew based on their new reconfigures specs. Thus why Animo's tend to seem without emotion or personality. The older Animo that never experienced a reconfigure retain their personality and emotions.


Males stand 8'0" with white hair. They are muscular and have defined iconic features to their faces, if they are a pure blood.


Females stand 7'0" with white or blue hair.