Primis Praefectus

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When the gods made the Primis, the first races, they also created the Primis Praefectus. The First Overseer.

Primis Praefectus is an assembly of one of each Primis race which keeps each Primis race in check over time. As Primis were created, they were also created with rules. Some more than others. Such as the Prisang and their forbidden procreation with another Primis race, the Priani.

When the Primis Praefectus learns of a Primis acting incorrectly, disobeying the rules and laws set for their specific Primis group. They dispatch their left and right hand to deliver a possibility of verdicts. They can be sent to assassinate the troubling Primis, who is better off dead to the rest of the Primis races than they are alive. They can be sent to simply converse and in a civil manner sort the issue at hand out. Each situation dictates itself and how it is to be or will be handled.

The Left and the Right hand are two unique creations not made of a Primis race or really any other specific race. They are generally referred to as demons as that is what they and their souls are classified as.