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Primis - First | Blood - Sanguis | Prisang

The Prisang are one of the first races created along with their sister and brother races of the Primis.


Physiology & Biology

In order to survive. Prisang require the intake of blood with essence. Essence special and specific to the life blood itself is something the prisang lacked upon creation.

If a prisang exerts a lot of effort or energy the blood and the essence within is spent and their need to feed again comes much sooner. Over time the way a prisang builds resilience to light redacting the essence they have taken in, thus loosing less to the sun over time.

When a prisang is born they are completely dependent on their parent to feed them in the traditional sense, breast feeding, as well as nurturing them with the blood essence. Their fangs are completely encased in a tooth material that is significantly denser, harder and nearly impossible to break.

Prisang Cannibalizing - Drinking the blood of another prisang has an addictive affect on the prisang drinking from the other. There is a negative affect to them physically that begins necropsying and or causing a form of leprosies to the skin or from within until it creates an open wound on the surface of the skin and spreads outward on the dermal layer.

When a prisang experiences authentic and harmonious love with a partner. It causes a physiological change in them and their blood. Upon sharing it with their chosen mate it forever binds the mate, be it a prisang or not, to said prisang who has pledged themselves to the chosen partner.

Cultural Practices

When a prisang comes of age, when they can hunt for themselves, it is an excruciating process to receive the ceremony of ones fangs. The fangs are filed away into their signature shape and necessary function in order for a prisang to feed on their blood essence.

During a coming of age ceremony. The child's fangs are filed away, the father of the child is then tasked with the honor of showing their child how to charm their intended target. An ability exclusive to Prisang so that their prey does not begin to grow stressed or strained, thus destroying the purity of the blood essence which they require. The father is also tasked with showing the child proper etiquette while feeding, hunting and when to retract from their victim so that they do not bleed to death. A prisang's goal during a feeding is never to end the life of their target, though it does and has happened. Upon entering such a sacred and excuslive bond with a partner it does provide the prisang who has issued it a kind of benifit (need to elaborate on what this is)


Blood Sister/Brother

A prisang can enter into a kind of contract and pact with any non-prisang. That has to be a willing pact between both the prisang and the non-prisang as the non-prisang's life becomes dependent on the prisang and their supply of their own blood that has the blood essence in order for them to live. By entering into a blood pact with a prisang a non-prisang looses their own bodies natural blood essence as it is consumed and altered by the blood of the consumed prisangs.

The exchange in which the blood is transferred from prisang to the non-prisang is via a cut on the recipient where the prisang then drips the contents of their own blood into the one receiving said blood.

Body Markings & Design

Upon certain criteria obtained, a status in life accomplished or met, Prisang receive varying art to their bodies in the form of subdermal implants under the skin or keloid scarring in the form of a certain design depending. Varying reasons for being able to receive these alternations to their bodies ranges from a wide variety of things such as marriage, receiving ones fangs, ones first kill, social reprimand (a crime against prisang) and so on and so forth.


Height of a male ranges from seven to eight feet.


Height of a female ranges from six to seven feet.