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The First Dream

Physical Appearances and Abilities

Outward every day appearances look like a normal, average human male or female.

During mating their bodies are capable of shifting the tones and hues of their skin to create elaborate or simplistic patterns which are used to subdue and seduce their partner for the purpose of procreation or pleasure.

Culture Practices

Coming of age is of eighteen years in the physical plane. When they reach eighteen they are then put through their right of passage in which they have to find a mate and produce offspring in order to be seen as a full fledged adult among their people. Until then they are unrecognized as an adult and treated as a child.


Created by the God of Dreams they were meant to sow the seeds of rejuvenation and mending of someone's injured soul or being, but only in the dream state. They were created to be guardians of the dream plane where their people were most powerful and was their home more so than the physical plane they also inhabited in order to seek out those suffering from the afflictions. It was easier to identify them in their plane of existence than sift through the billions of nightmares and dreams had by mortal man.

Just as they are able to repair the injury a nightmare inflicts on a physical plane walker, they themselves are just as capable of being destructive and fear inducing when crossing into the dream plane and into a physical plane walkers dream. Those that use this for wrong or to act ill against a plane walker are subjected to great punishment and are barred from returning from their dream plane home.