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Age: 30

Age Stop: Y

Race: Shifter Black panther

Gender: Male

Hair/Eye Color: Black/Golden

Height: 6"3


Personality: Annoying, hyper, persistent, cocky, self-loving

Occupation/Fighting style: Hand to hand fighter, almost as good as Otto

Recieves the Strength enhancement which caused his body to grow a few times bigger than what it was, giving him various skin tears from the quick growth. Also has one large scar on his abdomen from when his skin bursted. Middie had managed to gain control over his growth with each dose, and his skin has stretched enough thanks to the diet she's been feeding him with.


The last dose, the one before the beginning of tier 4, was doubled, and caused him to grow more, increase his physical strength, and lose control of his needs to a level of an obsession where he has to see his actions through, his feelings are extremely intense.