Sun/Moon Vampires

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The Sky Father, Sun Daughter and Moon Father


The sun stand anywhere from 5'0" to 6'5". Their skin tone is tanned and their hair tones range from blond washed out and pale to a brighter yellow-golden hue. Eyes tend to run earthy tones in hue.

Hair styles tend to reflect a braided back styles and the body is often adorned with tattoos.

Sun vampires receive additional physical and mental boosts to a otherwise normal humans attributes while in their prime element.


The moon stand 7'0" to 8'0" tall. Their skin tones are pale with a blue tinge to the inner parts of their body, such as around the arm pits and sex. Hair colors tend to range from pitch black to a white with a blue iceberg and snow tinge to it. Eyes run dark tones to pale blues or shades of the night blues and purples.

Hair styles can be seen worn in a Nordic male fashion or completely down and flowing.

Moon vampires receive additional physical and mental boosts to a otherwise normal humans attributes while in their prime element.

Lore & History

Sun and Moon complement the other when in the presence of the other. When one is out of their element and in the others alone they are sluggish, weak, vulnerable and easy prey. The sun can vamp the energy of the sun/light and the moon can vamp the energy of the moon/cold (air). Both the sun and the moon can transfer this energy into another being. The sun can cause something to burn or the moon can cause something to chill or freeze.

Society & Cultural Practices

Their society has a coming of age/their version of marriage where a sun and moon are joined together so as to complement one another through out life. Until that point they are reliant on their parent of the opposite element/nature.

Sun and Moon vampires have a natural instinct within them that draws them in the direction of their kin. Thus one will have the chance of encountering more sun or more moon in an area that they were the only one for a time.


An artifact acting as a pacifier/battery of sorts is used by the sun/moon of the opposite nature in order to permit them to function in their opposing element, so that they are not weak or vulnerable.

The Eclipse - Atlas

Atlas is the legendary and fabled sun and moon within one being, the Eclipse. It was said that a single being composed of both the moon and the sun was born. Atlas was a product of incest between his parents the sun and the moon. The sky father wanted noting to do with such a disgrace. He was promised to join his parents and sky father if he absorbed the sins (negative essence that a sun or moon can accumulate over time or if they gorge themselves on essence) of the beloved and pure suns and moons, he would earn his right to ascend to the sky father and join his parents. That however was false and the sky father was never going to permit Atlas to join his parents in the sky fathers embrace. Instead his parents abandoned him with the beloved, pure and wanted suns and moons. Knowing the truth of his parents being demigods and not actual gods Atlas set out to more or less open the eyes of his kin. Though in his efforts to do so the suns and moons blindly believed the word of their 'god and goddess' who claimed to be gods and not the demigods they truly were. Atlas's efforts during his rampage of murdering moons and suns ended when on a day of eclipse he was captured and placed under an artificial eclipse which imprisoned him atop the Moon Mountains in his homeland.

The God & Goddesses True Lies

The Sun Goddess is a demigoddess. Her lies that the sun is she and she is the sun is just that, a lie. The sun itself is just that, an object in the sky that provides the energy and essence it always has. The same applies to the Moon God, it is nothing more than an object in the sky offering essence and existence to the world at hand.

However it is a lie sold to the children of the sun and moon that these objects in the sky are their mother and father. So in turn they worship the misconceived idea that these objects in the sky are their godly parents. The obedience to their respective god empowers said god and has permitted them to live off of their children who sustain them in return for existing and drawing from the objects in the sky which bring them their own ability to live. If their children did not do this, the demigods would cease to have a way to retain essence of the sun and moon to live.

Deciding to be creationists, the sun and moon gods had to give up their ability to draw essence from their respective objects in the sky. Such gifts were transferred into their children who out of devotion and worship of their parents sent offerings of the sun and moon essence they collected to their parents in the sky. This was something that the sun and moon gods relied upon one hundred percent as they could not collect the essence required to live themselves. Both the moon and sun are dependent on the children believing the lie that they are indeed actual gods to be worshiped. This was one of the lies that Atlas had attempted to bring to light to the children of the sun and moon, however he failed to make them listen in the end.

Sins of the Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon are forbidden from marrying outside of their race and elemental pairings. Should they do this their respective parent will strip them of their ability to draw essence from the sun or moon. The love, sight, feeling and wholeness given to them by the sun and moon will be stripped from their being. They will become lifeless husks without essence and barely existing. During the hour that they used to belong to, sun for example would be blind during day time and at night they would be low functioning creatures resembling a lifeless, soulless, emotionless zombie.

Last Resorts of Suns and Moons

There is a possibility for a sun and or moon vampire to convert one of another race or species into a vampire as well. The one to be converted must be on the brink of death in the living state that they are currently in. Upon being at the brink of death in their first life they are then accepted by the sun and moon god and goddess. Taking the weakened individuals state they are then linked to the vampire wishing to convert them into a sun or moon vampire (the opposite will be created of whichever vampire is initiating the conversion), they are then returned in a weakened and on deaths door state along with the vampire risking their own life and essence to convert said person. If the sun mother and moon father decide to accept the self sacrifice of their sun/moon child then they can grant both individuals life and having had survived the conversion. This same desperate act can be applied to a person on the brink of a mortal death and there being no other way to possibly save them.

Ethereal Vampires

Sun and Moon vampires who exist on essence as a substance of life like others rely on food can have their source of survival altered. In which case if an ethereal being take a sun or moon vampire and either forces change on them in them to an extent that it fully alters that vampires needs. No longer is their standard essence need from their respective type sustainable, b ut now is replaced with the specific need of an ethereal beings essence.

Ethereal Vampires and Self Sustained Suns and Moons

With the death of the demigods posing as the sun and moon gods, it has broken the shackles of all sun and moon vampires. However they are still prisoners of their culture and all they know because they self impose dependency on gods that never existed to begin with. Upon learning of the demise of their false gods a sun and or moon has the option to learn to rely on their designated ornament in the sky, the planetary moon or sun, or they can convert into an ethereal vampire and become reliant and support of the ethereal gods Valerian and Aletta.