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A land made up of high mountains, hills and rolling valleys with a moderately cool to freezing temperatures.




Aereus Highlands is governed by a single female queen who lords over her female subjects and inferior males.


Men exist in the Aereus Highlands and there are Highlander males. However they are a minority that is kept for labor, production and the small jobs other societies deem a woman's work.

When a male is born he is immediately sent to be raised in an isolated community run by men. Men do not see or meet their first female until they are eighteen and their given duty takes them to a part of the kingdom where the females work.

Characteristics of Aereus Highlanders


Minimum Height: 5'0"

Maximum Height: 6'9"

Hair Colors: Black, Dark Brown, White, Orange

Skin Tone: Bronze

Eye Colors: Green, Pink, Hazel


Minimum Height: 5'0"

Maximum Height: 6'9"

Hair Colors: Red, Dirty Blonde, Gray

Skin Tone: Bronze

Eye Colors: Purple, Blue, Gray

Male and Female Births

When a female is born, she is also sent to an isolated community where she is raised until she reaches puberty and then from that point onward until her own eighteen birthday she is being taught the sacred arts of fighting in the Highlander fashion. Once she reaches eighteen she has learned the core fighting skills all Highlander females are required to have and be able to exercise.

In order to be given an occupation in the Highlander society as a female. A female must meet certain criteria. She must excel at her fighting capabilities, show strength, ferocity and great intellect. She also is required to posses a certain height in order to be considered a model female Highlander. If she does not meet the minimum height requirement of five foot ten, she is immediately given to a sect in the Highlander society where those women become breeders of the population.

The females designated to breed mate with males every other year to produce children who are to be considered as applicable to the societies high and main standards.

When there is an overpopulation of males. Many of the males are sold after a certain age off to anyone who will buy them. Rarely are females sold. However if they are then it is by their fifth birthday they have not met certain requirements or their genetics are inferior and they are sent out of the community.

If a male or female is born with obvious genetic deficiencies they are immediately put to death.

It is instilled in the women from birth that their asperations in life are to serve the queen, the queendom and make great strides and contribution to the society they are told that they uphold in their intelligence, beauty, strength and ferocity. And because of this, it is outwardly expected and assumed all women want the same honor and prestige to be in a place of great honor, skill and prominence. A female wanting anything out of what is deemed the most appropriate of a female of the Aereum Highland. Wanting or thinking anything outside of the role you were born, bred and taught is a kind of disrespect and blasphemy.

The Ideal Female and Male Characteristics


Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Purple

Height: 6'9"


Aereus Male.png


Hair Color: Black, Dark Brown, White, Orange

Eye Color: Green, Pink, Hazel

Height: ~6'9"

Note: As males are seen as inferior and the lesser gender. There is no ideal hair color, eye color or height that makes a male more appealing or wanted than any other. Their exclusive purpose is to serve as laborers to the females and to act as breeding studs when necessary.