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Age: 60

Age Stop: Y

Race: Human - Shifter : Lion

Gender: Male

Hair/Eye Color: Blond | Hazel

Height: 6'0"

Personality: Charismatic, hilarious, loyal, wise, antagonistic

Occupation/Fighting style: Hand to hand as taught by the Oxen Brothers

Titon was born to a wealthy set of parents. They were do-gooders all around. Shifters were not treated as if they were a separate or subspecies. His parents employed many shifters and non shifters around their estate.

The father of Titon was a respected and well to do man of practiced healing. His mother was a kind and noble woman.

While the rising disdain for shifters was taking on more and more presence in the lands around the outer and the inner, it began to heavily infect the lands miles from it, some more than others. The estate of Titon and his family was not immune.

Eventually his parents were targeted as shifter sympathizers and they were murdered for treating shifters fairly and for willingly employing them. Their estate was set on fire and burnt to the ground. Titon was the only survivor of the horrendous event.

Prior to the loss of his parents estate and most of the assets Titon had began a career in hand to hand combat with the teachings and aid of his mentors, the Oxen brothers. They are credited with giving him his earned nickname of Titon, as he was not born with such a name. He came into it by gaining respectable strength and muscular size for a human.


Midde had been employed to Titon's efforts and fledgling fighting stable. Her parents had served Titon's parents for generations and a stable would need a mender and caretaker of its fighters. Thus Midde became a vital part of Titon's stable in its early days. She has worked for and been at Titon's side since then.

Lavie is Titons bastard that he was not aware of until too late in life. He withheld the information from Otto and Mirari despite what he did to her (the months of rape).

Taken by Charles and experimented on much like Sapphire. Titon was tinkered with in a manner that resulted in his body growing massive, huge and larger. He gained seven inches in height and was manipulated by Charles to be sexually drive and obsessed with Mirari.

Titon was unable to move on and forward until he had acted on this obsession. Though Titon went in an older, stronger man than Sapphire he was able to come out intact more so than Sapphire. He was also only under Charles's control for five to six months.

Song that makes me think of Titon's self overall. He does have viking/norse style influence and drinks like one.