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Sun Vampire.

A 7'0" man, with long black and blonde hair which he usually wears loose, but sometimes braids it, or collects it in a man bun. Has pinned pointy ears, and markings of his clan on his face. He has two black stripes on each cheekbone, two upside down triangles that go down from his bottom lip, two on his forehead and two on each cheek.

He has a large tribal tattoo on his back as well.

He is approximately 320 years old.

When he was born, most of his tribe, together with his mother, were eliminated by Atlas. Those who remained were him, his father, and very few others. Though, given the fact that all those who left lost their opposites, they've been weak and barely existing. Luckily enough, his mother has created him and his father, a jewel with her life essence in it. He wears it in an earing on his left ear.

Valerian is rather cocky, smug and most would say quite annoying. He blocks people, and doesn't let them in. Loves ladies a lot, though wouldn't settle for anything serious given his situation

Powers: As all sun vampires he feels better and stronger during the day and in the sunlight. He can draw hear and life essence from living creatures. Human warmth keeps him far more satiated than animal heat. He can alter a human's/animal's body heat up or down.

Black Sun Update:

After having confessed his love and devotion to Aletta Rein, the sun Goddess has stripped him of her powers and his belonging and affiliation with her, turning him into a black sun.

He feeds exclusively on Alettas essence, and is much more powerful than what he was as a sum vampire.

His hair is now black, with the edges being blonde, his eyes turned to be dark blue, like the night sky.

Has a bastard son, Alaric.