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Age: 29

Age Stop: N

Race: Deer -unable to shift

Gender: Male

Hair/Eye Color: Brown / Hazel

Height: 5"10

Personality: Calm minded, enjoys the nature, very alert and quick thinking. Kind and loving, loyal

Occupation/Fighting style: Bow and arrow, poison brewing/ student of Hannibal/ Alettas guardian of the ethereal plane



25 on first appearance, stands to a height of 5"10. Has long, straight brown hair that goes down to his waist . Hazel eyes. He is half a shifter, meaning he has features of his animal, but he cannot shift. Those features being two antlers at the top of his head, and instead of human ears, he posses deer ears.


Calm minded, enjoys the nature, very alert and quick thinking. Kind and loving, loyal.

Love interest:

Aletta Rein - First friend out of the Rein family. He had felt drawn to her from his first sight of her. Something about the energy she was giving off had attracted him. They get along very well, and trust each other as good friends. He has very strong feelings towards her, and wishes she'd return those feelings, though, even if she doesn't, he still promised to remain her friend.

History :

He was born into a family of shifters, and has a twin sister

Anika, who looks exactly like him, only with feminine features and a shorter haircut. Both him and his sister were born as shifters with animal features, but without the ability to transform. They were hidden from the world, in the fear of being taken away or killed. Their parents had made sure to keep them locked at home for most of the time. Yumi and Anika became each other's best friends. They'd only see their extended family, and were hidden from the rest of the world. Their family had tried to.hide the fact they were shifters, and the twins have risked their efforts, so they were treated as said.

Yumi's cousin, Cervus, has heard about the activities and ways of the Rein family, and after telling Yumi about it, her brother, Yumi and Anika, decided to take their leave from their family, and find the Rein castle to offer their services.

During his early childhood, and into adolescence and adulthood, the only times he was allowed outside was to practice his archery skills, in which he excelled. He masters bow and arrow, knows many ways to create and craft poisons, and is very intelligent.

He spends most of his time with Hannibal and Dante, working on gather information and intelligence of their enemies. Hannibal mostly uses his knowledge of mapping and of the knowledge of the area from his travels with his twin and cousins.