Glossary & Terminology

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Terms & Definitions

  • Shifter - Race of people with the ability to alter their physical body from a 'human' to animal and back again.
  • Incomplete - A shifter that is unable to shift. They retain physical features of the animal that they have heritage of alongside being in their human form, not animal. Human with animal characteristics.
  • Halo - A drug that makes fashionable come backs in society. The drug gives the user a sense of love, wanting, desire, warmth, peace and serenity that reality cannot give them. The effects of Halo give the user a glowing cranial 'halo' around their head when the drug is first taken. The glowing halo fades away and gives the users body a kind of heavenly glow for the duration of it being in their system. The affects of taking Halo can vary from user to user. However the most common are addiction to the feeling that they cannot get elsewhere or otherwise, paranoia, isolation from those they formerly associated with. As they prefer to replace the interactions of people with the drugs. Long term users start to develop halo rings all over their body. Most commonly they begin on the backside and spread around the hips and chest, going upwards to the neck and face. Lastly spreading down the legs to feet. The halo rings appear on the skin as raised scar tissue where the drug has tried to surface through the skin. Some manages to seep out but the build up of the drug as a whole still leaves the raised skin where the halo drug collected under the dermal tissues. Depending on the users skin tone, the scar tissue can take on a golden-orange to brown hue. The darker the skin the blacker the rings that are formed.
  • Pontis - The space in between two planes. The 'bridge' which connects planes to one another.